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10Pcs Breathable Microporous Face Mask Mouth Cover, Washable and Reusable

Light Gray
Dark Gray
Army Green

Made of hypoallergenic Nano microporous polyurethane sponge, this mask has a high filtration rate for pollen, dust, etc. Nano microporous polyurethane sponge is known for its superior performance in textiles and medical supplies.

The three-dimensional Nano microporous polyurethane sponge forms a protective barrier around your face and can be worn for hours without feeling like it’s hard to breathe. It is also washable and can be worn repeatedly without any buildup of sweat, dirt, or grime.

This mask is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities and can be used while mountain-biking, running, horse-back riding, skiing, snowboarding, motocross, running, climbing, cycling, and many more.

The Nano microporous polyurethane sponge also provides excellent protection against dust, allergens, exhaust fumes, and chemical emissions.

For the best performance, carefully seal the mask around the nose and mouth. This ensures that all of the inhaled air passes through the protective microporous polyurethane sponge barrier.